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Anne regularly facilitates Drum Circles, Guided Meditations, and Workshops.  She teaches classes on the body-mind-spirit-soul connection, meditation, intuition, consciousness, and energy fields, which can lead to personal empowerment, balance,  and healing.


​We are all beings made of energy.  Each person has an energetic field, an aura, that surrounds the physical body, and multiple energy centers (chakras) that spin and radiate energy. Energy Healing techniques aim to restore and balance the life force energy field and chakras of the person.  When energy is cleared, cleansed, balanced, and restored, our life force energy flows, and our immune system is strengthened.  A sense of personal well-being and health is promoted and supported.   Energy healing techniques work in relationship with, but do not replace medical and/or psychological evaluation, procedures, and interventions.

Let's get started!

  • Contact Anne with any questions
    15 min
  • One-on-one personal consultation with Anne.
    1 hr 30 min
    100 US dollars
  • Empowerment tools for direct revelation, discernment, and guidance.
    30 min
    Email to Schedule
  • Re-balance energy caused by energetic wounding and traumas
    1 hr
    Email to Schedule
  • Natural energy healing techniques to treat illness.
    1 hr
    Email to Schedule
  • Advanced teaching methods for energetic release, space clearing, soul ...
    Email to Schedule
  • Removal of unwanted energetic blockages and entanglements.
    Email to Schedule
  • Teambulding for Personal Empowerment, Growth and Wellbeing
    Email to Schedule
  • Techniques to center, connect, and ground into one's own body and ener...
    Email to Schedule
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