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Anne "Onute" Savickas

Ceremonial Leader


Drum Circles  |  Guided Meditations  |  Workshops  |  Retreats

I have always wanted people to feel good and to be happy.  I wanted people to feel loved and wanted, needed and valued, knowing that we all mattered more than we realized.  I always knew that love was the greatest of all medicines and that we each carried this medicine within our hearts. 


Since childhood, I seemed to be able to feel everything.  I had a natural curiosity about the world and wondered how we were all connected to one another and to everything. 


The mysteries regarding the cycles of life and death, health, and happiness flowed through my mind and I searched to learn how spirituality illuminated meaning and purpose and helped one achieve balance and harmony. 


I searched, read, listened to the messages, and learned the practices that the wisdom keepers, spiritual leaders, and ancestors have shared with all of us, and I watched how the cycles of Nature carried and supported all of life.  I learned that on the grand scale of things, I know absolutely nothing. 


However, I knew that I could share what I was learning, with the intention to empower and be of service to others on their path of personal healing and balance.  


When one heals, we all heal.



"We are all physical manifestations of Divine Love and each life has Beauty and Purpose.  When we remember our Oneness with Divine Love and All of Creation, we empower the natural flow of limitless possibility, inner peace, and abundance within our lives.

Love in Action creates Peace within that radiates outwards, changing everything and restoring balance and harmony."  


Anne "Onute" Savickas

Empowerment Workshops

As a Ceremonial Leader, Anne regularly facilitates Drum Circles, Guided Meditations, Workshops & Retreats.  She teaches classes on the body-mind-spirit-soul connection, meditation, intuition, consciousness, and energy fields, which can lead to personal empowerment, balance,  and healing.


She continues to interact and learn from various Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Teachers from various traditions.  


She has also studied with Betsy Bergstrom, Teacher Training Program in Compassionate Depossesion, Mediumship, and Shamanic Healing with Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light.

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