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Meet Anne

Nurse, Mentor, Speaker, Empath . . .

Anne Savickas is a Registered Nurse, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Advisor, Pranic Healer, and Energy Worker.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Saint Xavier University School of Nursing and Loyola University School of Law with a Master's in Child and Family Law.  She has worked in a hospital, outpatient, home health, corporate, and school settings throughout her career.  She is passionate about the fields of energy, consciousness, quantum physics, spirituality, sound healing, folk, indigenous, holistic, and integrative medicine.

Anne is a Ceremonial Leader and speaker regularly facilitating Drum/Gong Circles, Guided Meditations, various classes, workshops, and retreats that promote wellness, personal empowerment, and healing.  She has studied and continues her studies with various Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Teachers from various traditions.


When One Heals, We All Heal

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"Have you ever felt the vibration of a drum beneath your hand?  Felt the rhythm flow through your body?  An amazing experience!  We celebrated Open House at the Rising Lotus Yoga Studio and invited Onute Savickas to facilitate a Drumming Circle.  Had no idea it will be THAT POWERFUL!  About 25 people joined together to create music and community and experience the power of drumming in an open circle.  Everyone felt included and participated.  Onute brought many different drums, rattles, rain sticks...  The whole experience was navigated by this one beautiful lady, who understood how to ensure every participant has the best experience possible.  Drumming helped people to experience a closeness with their fellow drummers and feel more exuberant about being powerfully alive.  Thank you, Onute!"

- Vita Sireikis

"I have firsthand experience in Anne's spiritual services and found them well worth it.  She and I have engaged in Reiki healing, drum circle, cutting the cord ceremony, and her gift as a Medium.  The most impactful part for me was actually feeling through my body feelings of events I had hidden away in a closet.  As humans, we have the power to hide our true feelings in words and actions but our body does not lie.  Once they were set free through these experiences I was free to heal and move forward.  Only through Anne's guidance, through her years of training, and her other clients, does she have the knowledge to dig deep into the soul.  She has the ability to make you feel safe as you uncover some very scary spaces.  I highly recommend Anne's services.  Her spiritual gifts will enhance your life." 

- Colleen C.

I was not looking for something to believe in, I wasn't looking for answers.  I knew something was missing and I was able to find this within Anne.  I physically met Anne in the Summer of 2015.  I knew there was a connection but had no idea what this connection would become.  Anne is such a deep blessing, and her genuine spirit shines.  She has shown me roads I never thought I would take and has inspired me in my life to explore them a little further. I was able to join in the facilitation of a drum circle mediation with her and had never so connected with the energy around me.  It was a speechless experience. I have grown so much with her help this year and have seen things with a different eye.  She radiates calmness, sensitivity, light, and great intensity.  Her contagious laughter and shine will keep you coming back for more. 

~ Crystal S.

Upon meeting Anne I was immediately aware how very special she is. Her entire essence exudes inviting warmth, compassion, intuitive understanding, wisdom, kindness and above all: genuine
love. Not only have I personally received incredible transformational healing sessions from her, but have also had the blessing of attending her diverse profound events for sound healing, drum making, meditation and retreats and many hours of transformative insightful guidance, coaching and teachings. She is so very gifted, learned and experienced in many a traditions, teachings and healing energy modalities.
Anne’s basket of offering is big and deep and she has this
amazing capacity for truly seeing and understanding issues
affecting one’s entire being-ness.
She is able to meet people where they are at- no matter the age,
background or self understanding.  And she has this potent ability to invite and continuously support deep healing shifts and growth on every level of one’s life. Through working and co-creating with Anne you may just release
and heal what no longer serves - so you may reclaim your power,
potency and consciousness with increased clarity, ease and
grace.  So grateful for the bright light you are and for what you do, Anne!  Blessings,

~ Judith Hoppen-Arcilla

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