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Anne Savickas  is a spiritual mentor, motivational speaker, energy healing practitioner and teacher, empath, ordained minister, and registered nurse.  

Anne carries a bachelor's degree in nursing from Saint Xavier University School of Nursing, and a master's degree in child and family law from Loyola University School of Law.  She has worked in hospitals, outpatient, healthcare, corporate, school, and community settings throughout her career, while also serving as a scout leader/youth mentor for over 16 years. 


Passionate in the field of energy, spirituality, and consciousness practices that enhance the health, balance, and wellness of the body, mind, spirit, and soul, Anne was encouraged to share what she has learned with others.  She has now dedicated her career to teaching and sharing her skills with the general public in a variety of personal and group settings.  

“I have always wanted people to feel good and to be happy.  I wanted people to feel loved and wanted, needed and valued, knowing that we all mattered more than we realized.  I always knew that love was the greatest of all medicines and that we each carried this medicine within our hearts.  Since childhood, I seemed to be able to feel everything.  I had a natural curiosity about the world and wondered how we were all connected to one another and to everything.  The mysteries regarding the cycles of life and death, health and happiness flowed through my mind and I searched to learn how spirituality illuminated meaning and purpose, and helped one achieve balance and harmony.  I searched, read, listened to the messages and learned the practices that the wisdom keepers, spiritual leaders and ancestors have shared with all of us, and I watched how the cycles of Nature carried and supported all of life.  I learned that in the grand scale of things, I know absolutely nothing.  However, I knew that I could share what I was learning, with the intention to empower and be of service to others on their path of personal healing and balance.  When one heals, we all heal.”


As a Ceremonial Leader, Anne regularly facilitates Drum Circles, Guided Meditations, and Workshops.  She teaches classes on the body-mind-spirit-soul connection, meditation, intuition, consciousness, and energy fields, which can lead to personal empowerment, balance,  and healing. She continues to interact and learn from various Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Teachers from various traditions.  She has also studied with Sandra Ingerman (Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light), and Betsy Bergstrom (Teacher Training program in Compassionate Depossession). 

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"We are all physical manifestations of Divine Love and each life has Beauty and Purpose.  When we remember our Oneness with Divine Love and All of Creation, we empower the natural flow of limitless possibility, inner peace, and abundance within our lives.  Love in Action creates Peace within that radiates outwards, changing everything and restoring balance and harmony.  Peace!"  ANNE




Workshops & Classes


Guided Drum Circle Meditations and Spiritual Retreats for private groups, corporate, school, and healthcare programs.  We are each connected to the Consciousness of a Benevolent Universe that Loves and Supports us at all times. These circles are designed to help individuals connect to their own Inner Radiance and True Self to promote wellness, relieve stress, support their immune system for personal empowerment, growth, and well-being. These Circle Meditations are also experiential team building vehicles that illuminate the power and grace a Community 'United as One' creates. All Drum Circles are engaging, supportive, gentle, and loving.  


Classes that empower each participant with tools for personal awareness.  Participants will learn methods to ground and center, remain present and sovereign within their own body and energetic field.  Tools and techniques are taught to help individuals connect with the inner guidance always available to each person at all times.  Learn about methods for energetic cleansing, clearing, and cord-cutting, remaining power-filled in a state of wellness and balance. These classes also teach methods and techniques for creating sacred space for personal healing and rejuvenation.


Journeying and Divination classes empower participants with tools and methods to connect to their own natural intuitive senses and Angels/Helpers/Guides. Participants learn methods and techniques they can use and apply for direct revelation, discernment, and guidance.


Cords are energetic links and connections to places, things, ideas, beliefs, memories, situations, and people. When cords are no longer resonating in a favorable way, they can be energetically released to free oneself from those patterns and entanglements that no longer serve.  These classes teach participants methods to disconnect those energetic cords, and refocus this released energy towards what one desires to create and experience.


These advanced level classes are focused upon teaching methods and techniques for energetic extraction, release, retrieval, space clearing, soul guiding, and compassionate depossession skills development. Basic skills prerequisites are required for these level classes.  




Contact Anne with any questions, or to schedule a Drum Circle, Workshop or Special Presentation for your group or event.

Also available for Personal consultation.

"When One Heals, We All Heal" 



We are all beings made of energy.  Each person has an energetic field, an aura, that surrounds the physical body and multiple energy centers (chakras) that spin and radiate energy. Energy Healing techniques aim to restore and balance the life force energy field and chakras of the person.  When energy is cleared, cleansed, balanced, and restored, our life force energy flows and our immune system is strengthened.  A sense of personal well-being and health is promoted and supported.   Energy healing techniques work in relationship with, but do not replace, medical and/or psychological evaluation, procedures and interventions.* 



“Anne is such a unique and intuitive soul. She conducts the circle, prayers, and intentions with such grace and wisdom..."

— Peggy B.


Techniques to center, connect, and ground into one's own body and energetic field.​


Retrieval and/or cleansing of lost, missing, blocked or unbalanced energy that is restored to the body and energetic field. 


Removal of unwanted energetic blockages and entanglements.  Restoration and balancing of natural energetic flow of life force energy.  


Assisting the dying in creating a smooth and gentle transition. The releasing and crossing over of any earthbound spirit, being, or energy.  


The healing, restoration, and balancing of energy caused by energetic wounding and traumas that have been passed down from previous generations along familial lineages and/or along personal lifetimes. 


Divination using cards, intuition, and channeling to provide messages, guidance, and support for personal growth, empowerment, and healing.


Disconnection from old energetic thoughts, beliefs, stories, connections that no longer serve.  Cleansing and restoration of this vital life force energy is now available to utilize and focus towards what is desired within the individual's present state of consciousness






Have you ever felt the vibration of a drum beneath your hand?  Felt the rhythm flow through your body?  An amazing experience!  We celebrated Open House at the Rising Lotus Yoga Studio and invited Onute Savickas to facilitate a Drumming Circle.  Had no idea it will be THAT POWERFUL!  About 25 people joined together to create music, community, and experience the power of drumming in an open circle.  Everyone felt included and participated.  Onute brought many different drums, rattles, rain sticks...  The whole experience was navigated by this one beautiful lady, who understood how to ensure every participant has the best experience possible.  Drumming helped people to experience a closeness with their fellow drummers and feel more exuberant about being powerfully alive.  Thank you, Onute! - Vita Sireikis, owner, Rising Lotus Yoga Studio

I wanted you to know this: I have been deeply reflecting the past few days, and I must say this.....out of all of the healers and practitioners I have met in the past year, I am most grateful for you.  YOU are a teacher who "gets it" in the sense that we are all souls with varying degrees of experience under our belt, and you see that we are all here to do different things.  I read something that reminded me of you and it was: a real teacher will recognize your potential and show you different things they have experienced on THEIR path.  They will show you things genuinely and know that you will take parts of it to make your OWN gifts come to light, as we all have different gifts to give to the world.  A teacher stuck in an ego state of mind will give you snippets but create a dependency and a "check with teacher and see what they would do" kind of mind frame.  You have given me the greatest gift, Anne, which is guiding me to sit in my own power.  I will never forget when you told me "I'm not going to tell you what to do, that creates a dependency and that won't help you."  Just thinking about it makes me a little teary because I'm sure you know how HARD it is to find GENUINE people who don't have an underlying motive to make themselves rich or take your power.  You're one of the good ones, Anne, you've made a huge difference in my life whether you're aware of that or not, and I am so thankful that I found you again in this lifetime. Thank you for being genuinely, 150% you.  You are a gift to the world by just being you and letting your light shine bright.  You set the bar really high for healers everywhere, and seeing how you are and what you do for me and other people really makes me excited to offer my own gifts in the same genuine way. - Peggy B.

I had the privilege to meet and work with Anne about two years ago.  I will never forget my first healing experience with Anne where with her calm disposition, healing hands and words of wisdom was able to lead me out of very difficult time in my life.  Anne was able to gently move energies that did not serve my highest good, remove blockages within my energy field and channel messages from my loved ones and guides on the other side.  It was one of those experiences that simply brought me to tears and so much peace in my heart.  Since that initial experience I have gone several times with Anne and treat her as a true confident in my life.  Anne's wisdom about spirit, angels, the Shamanic Journey, and just in general, life is absolutely incredible.  Throughout the years I have had several profound healings, "ah ha moments" and simply so much peace in my heart again when I see and have worked with Anne.  From healings, to readings, to drumming circles, to teaching classes, Anne is incredible!  Simply the best!  I am so grateful for her in my life and the remarkable changes that have happened in my life since knowing her.  Thank you Anne, for sharing your gift with me and the world.  We are all blessed to know you. - Ania K.

I have been blessed with 9 years of interaction with my friend and co-worker Anne Savickas.  I have been nurtured within drum circle and guided meditation groups, received her teachings of spiritual guidance, been enlightened with a better understanding of my own personal journey, and have felt energy, enlightenment, and love that has always been unconditional.  The energy that she possesses positively impacts all that she comes in contact with, including children.   She has a way of seeing the inner child, connecting to that vulnerability, and using her gifts for the good.  Children trust her, which for me is a marker of someone special.  In the adult world, she recognizes where others don't, sees beauty in each individual no matter what their journey may have been, and channels her energies to assist others to be their best self.   Her gentle kindness carries a light, and for all those who receive this light will be positively impacted.   To have an opportunity to interact, participate with, or learn from Anne will provide a light that is meant to be shared with all that you come in contact with.   She is a blessing on Earth.  - Betsy K.

I have firsthand experience in Anne's spiritual services and found them well worth it.  She and I have engaged in Reiki healing, drum circle, cutting the cord ceremony and her gift as a Medium.  The most impactful part for me was actually feeling through my body feelings of events I had hidden away in a closet.  As humans, we have the power to hide our true feelings in words and actions but our body does not lie.  Once they were set free through these experiences I was free to heal and move forward.  Only through Anne's guidance, through her years of training and her other clients, does she have the knowledge to dig deep into the soul.  She has the ability to make you feel safe as you uncover some very scary spaces.  Anne's compassion comes into play when you reach the spot and have to face it head on.  I highly recommend Anne's services.  Her spiritual gifts will enhance your life.  - Colleen C.

I was not looking for something to believe in, I wasn't looking for answers.  I knew something was missing and I was able to find this within Anne.  I physically met Anne in Summer of 2015.  I knew there was a connection, but had no idea what this connection would become.  Anne is such a deep blessing, and her genuine spirit shines.  She has shown me roads I never thought I would take, and has inspired me in my life to explore them a little further.  She showed me clarity and comfort in a time when life was a complete blur.  She knew me before I did.  I was able to join in the facilitation of a drum circle mediation with her and had never so connected with the energy around me.  It was a speechless experience. I have grown so much with her help in this year and have seen things with different vision.  She radiates calmness, sensitivity, light and great intensity.  Her contagious laughter and shine will keep you coming back for more. - Crystal S.

I was so impressed when Onute came to our school to facilitate a drumming circle. Clients were drawn to the magnetic aura of drums, their natural rhythms, leadership and emotions surfaced in a creative and positive way while Onute guided, reassured them and provided positive regard and interest.  She is an amazing facilitator.  I feel that she brings out the "spiritual lover and warrior" within the members of the drumming circles and allows the creative consciousness to surface metaphors and spirit guides.  She seems devoted, passionate and truly authentic in her relationship with the drums and the drummers.  She is grounded and grounding, in touch with her Lithuanian roots and respecting of all cultures.  The drumming experience creates a very emotional and strong bond within the group and the drumming community.  Onute is knowledgeable about the history of her drums and is willing to educate about them. - Daiva K., psychotherapist

Anne has proven services to help guide and heal many people.  I have been to her workshops and have seen how she transforms individuals, including me, with her warm and sensitive healing techniques.  Her drum circles provide for a safe, fun, inspiring and open environment where everyone feels welcome.  I can't speak highly enough about Anne and the services she provides. - Vilia K. 

My friend Anne is truly a one of a kind.  I met Anne at an elementary school we were both working at.  I used to bring sick children down to see her in the nurses office.  From the moment you entered the room you felt a calmness and peace.  From her appearance, to her voice, to her warm, wonderful, healing hugs you knew she was different.  Right away you felt better just being there.  I found myself going to visit without a sick child in hand.  I needed to be around her and hear good things and get my healing hug!  I attended several "drum circles" that Anne had facilitated and found them to be amazing!  She made you feel completely at ease and before you knew it there were tears and laughter and the people in your circle somehow felt like family.  I'm so glad that our paths crossed those 10 years ago.  She is truly a special person in my life and always will be, no matter how far apart we are. - Nanette P.  

As a grateful recipient of services, student, and circle participant, I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience Anne's many gifts as a practitioner, guide, facilitator/leader and teacher.   All I have to say is Wow, it's been an amazing life journey with Anne's guidance and assistance.  Anne is a very talented, compassionate, and loving human being, who works from her heart space in all she does.  If someone is feeling blocked, stuck in their life path, or seeking change, I highly recommend Anne's services.  Thank You - Diane M.

When you look into Anne's crystalline blue eyes, listen to her voice so harmonious, as she speaks/sings from her heart you are touched.  To be with her is a safe place, Anne has gifts she serves with divine grace.  All beautiful to share the way she blends them is so rare.  Her sacred bundle of beauty brings bliss to all who engage in her ceremonious.   She is an expert in guiding you with care, so your sound, color, crystal experience is "extra"ordinare.  Her actions full of integrity, her intentions guided from the heavens, I have personally been blessed with her connectedness.  Choose to participate & you can see the way she shifts good things for you personally.  Miigwetch, Thank You!! - Kim H. 



Anne Savickas
Chicago, IL

Contact Anne with any questions, or to schedule a Drum Circle, Workshop or Special Presentation for your group or event.

Also available for Personal consultation.

"When One Heals, We All Heal" 

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